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Royal Auto Center: Unveiling a New Era of Automotive Excellence and RV Luxury
Monday, January 1st 2024, 9:00 AM

Discover Unparalleled Selection and Service at Middlebury's Premier Auto and RV Destination

Middlebury, United States - January 1, 2024 / Royal Auto Center /

In Middlebury, Indiana, Royal Auto Center, a leader with over three decades in the auto and RV sector, is excited to showcase its newest premium cars and recreational vehicles. This esteemed center, synonymous with luxury and cost-effectiveness, is a pinnacle in royal motor sales and customer care. The latest reveal signifies an ongoing commitment to excellence, providing customers with an unparalleled selection of high-quality vehicles tailored to their sophisticated needs. Enter a realm where the pursuit of automotive elegance and adventurous RV lifestyle is fulfilled beyond expectations.

Royal Auto Center's Legacy

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Established as a key player in Middlebury, Indiana, for over three and a half decades, Royal Auto Center has consistently redefined the auto and RV market standards. Its commitment to excellence and luxury in royal motor sales has made it a trusted name for quality and service in the automotive world.

A Tradition of Excellence in Automotive and RV Sales

Over the years, Royal Auto Center has become a byword for quality in automotive and RV sales. Its vast collection includes a variety of vehicles, from stylish sedans to rugged SUVs, catering to a wide range of customers. The center's royal automart services ensure that each vehicle is a perfect fit for its patrons' distinct needs and lifestyles. 

Premier RV Selection

Sabre RV

Boasting a premier selection of RVs, Royal Auto Center in Middlebury stands out for combining luxury with functionality. The center is committed to offering RV enthusiasts a selection that elevates comfort and convenience during their travels.

Luxury and Comfort: The RV Experience Redefined

Varied Collection: Home to a diverse array of RVs, including the elegant Sabre 37FLL and the versatile Winnebago Micro Minnie series, Royal Auto Center caters to every traveler's needs.

Quality Assurance: Each RV undergoes rigorous selection and maintenance processes, ensuring top-notch quality and performance for a first-class travel experience.

Tailored Choices: Acknowledging the varied preferences of RV users, the center provides a range of options, from roomy models for families to compact units for adventurous travelers.

Ongoing Support: The center's extensive after-sales services guarantee RV owners a seamless and enjoyable experience, enhancing every journey.

Comprehensive Customer Care

At Royal Auto Center, customer care extends far beyond the initial purchase. Recognized for its exceptional after-sales services, the Middlebury, Indiana, center ensures every customer enjoys a seamless and fulfilling ownership experience. From routine maintenance to comprehensive support, Royal Auto Center's commitment to comprehensive customer care sets a new standard in the automotive and RV industry.

Beyond Sales: A Full Spectrum of Services

Expert Maintenance and Repair: Offering top-tier maintenance and repair services, Royal Auto Center ensures that every vehicle, whether a car or an RV, receives meticulous attention from experienced technicians.

Customized Financing Solutions: Understanding the financial aspects of vehicle ownership, the center provides customized financing options, making vehicle purchase and maintenance accessible and stress-free for every customer.

Warranty and Insurance Assistance: Royal Auto Center assists customers with warranty services and insurance claims, simplifying the process and providing peace of mind.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Tools: Utilizing the latest diagnostic tools and technologies, the center's skilled technicians can quickly identify and resolve any issues, ensuring the longevity and reliability of each vehicle.

RV Rental Services: For those looking to experience the RV lifestyle without commitment, Royal Auto Center offers various RV rental options suitable for all types of adventures.

Personalized Customer Support: Each customer is met with personalized support, from navigating the showroom to choosing the right service plan, ensuring a unique and satisfying experience with every visit.

About Royal Auto Center

Royal Auto Center has redefined the automotive and RV industry in Middlebury, Indiana, for over three decades with its commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. Known for its royal motor sales, royal automart, and royalty auto center services, Royal Auto Center continues to set the benchmark for luxury and affordability in the automotive world. Contact them at (574) 825-4000, visit their Middlebury dealership to explore our inventory, or schedule a service

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